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T Dance Digital releases Beer, Fight & Love by Vince-Jay

T Dance Digital releases Beer, Fight & Love by Vince-Jay

T Dance Digital, the EDM dance label of Tomasian Entertainment LLC releases Beer, Fight & Love the debut release by French autodidact  producer by Vince-Jay.

About Beer, Fight & Love

Beer, Fight & Love is an engaging 4 song set featuring rock-n-roll influenced multi-genre EDM. From electro-house to future bass, Beer, Fight & Love is the perfect debut from this french autodidact producer. Dark, moody yet hopeful and inspiring, this release displays a rich array of aural textures and shows off Vince-Jay’s studio mastery.

Each song standing on it’s own is a complete emotional journey. The perfect introduction from a  producer who started his career in 2011 using the Fruity Loops software.

About Vince-Jay

Vince-Jay is a producer known for sharing his emotions through his music. He is a french autodidact producer of EDM who began  producing music in 2011 following the discovery of the Fruity Loops software. His inspirations are many and varied, Daft Punk, Deadmau5, Justice, Pendulum and many more. He released his first web-EP“That’s Life” an experimental, electro tinged rock release in 2011. In addition to his original production, Vince-Jay frequently participates (and wins) remix contests to keep his skills fresh.

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July 2nd, 2015

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