Electronica, Future Bass

Born in Barcelona in the late 80’s, Ellektra (née Sandra Abécassis) developed a taste for music at an early age. This was all thanks to her parents who are both passionate about listening and playing music. At the age of 12, she received a copy of “Hip-Hop E-Jay” and her career as a producer and songwriter began.

From subtle instrumentals to complex productions with ever changing melodies, her inspiration seemed to come out of thin air. Her catalog grew weekly and soon she met her mate “Nëska”. The two of them armed with Ellektra’s production Nëska’s flow started the rap group “Katarsis Lírika”.

The group soon disbanded and Ellektra began employing more advanced production techniques and shifted her production style from hip hop to more sonically and melodically advanced dance music. In 2009, Ellektra moved to London, where she became fully immersed in the electronic music scene.

While in London, she attended the Point Blank Music School and in 2012 received her diploma in sound engineering. This was the ultimate motivational tool and soon Ellektra began producing tracks non-stop, from experimental dubstep to tech house.

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